CT600 Corporation Tax Software 2016 accounting periods up to 31 March 2017

Andica are developers of HMRC Recognised payroll software for small and medium sized businesses, self assessment tax returns software for individual taxpayers and professionals (SA100), taxation software for Partnerships (SA800) and vertical market financial and CRM applications for Care homes and Property finance lenders.

Andica Payroll Software, SA100 Self Assessment tax software, SA800 Partnership tax returns and Care Homes Software are easy to use, yet comprehensive solutions.

Andica Payroll Software

Andica Payroll Software is an easy to use yet comprehensive payroll solution to calculate Employees and Directors payroll and submission of Real Time Information RTI to HMRC. Software includes calculations for PAYE, National Insurance Contributions, Statutory Payments, Pension contributions, Attachment of Earnings Order, Student Loan, etc and performs a range of other payroll functions.

Andica Self Assessment Software (for Individual tax payers)

Andica Self Assessment tax software for Personal tax returns can be used by Individual tax payers or Professionals. The software is supplied in two editions:

Andica Self Assessment Personal edition that provides HMRC (Inland Revenue) self assessment tax return solution suitable for use by individual taxpayers. This edition is available in two options, 1 tax payer edition to prepare tax returns for 1 taxpayer or a 5 tax-payers edition suitable for up to 5 tax returns prepared from a single installation.

Andica Self Assessment Software Professional edition is suitable for accountants, tax consultants or other professionals preparing self assessment tax returns for their clients. The software is available in bands of tax payers to suit the size of your client base.

Andica SA800 Partnership Tax Returns Software

Andica SA800 Partnership tax returns software for preparation and online submission of Partnership Business tax returns. Solution is suitable for use by nominated partners to process and submit their business tax returns or for use by accountants, tax advisers and book-keepers preparing Partnership tax returns for their clients.

Andica SA900 Trust & Estate Software

Andica SA900 Trust and Estate tax returns software assists you with completion, calculation of trust and estate tax liabilities and online submission of the returns. Software can be used by personal representatives of a deceased person and their estate, trustees of a trust or tax advisors.

Andica CT600 Corporation Tax Returns Software

Andica CT600 Corporation Tax Returns Software helps to complete CT600 Company tax return form and submit it online to the HMRC. Limited companies and other organisations that are liable and are within the charge to Corporation Tax must file their CT returns each year and pay any tax that may be due.

Andica P11D Expenses and Benefits Software

Andica P11D Expenses and Benefits Software for recording employees' expenses and benefits and for submission of P11D, P9D, P11D(b) and P46 (Car) returns online to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Andica Care Homes Software

Andica Care Homes Software provides managers and carers of residential and nursing homes a solution to record and manage residents personal information and care monitoring, automated billing of residents fees, staff monitoring and general management of the care home.

All Andica software solutions are developed with a high degree of functionality yet making them easy to use and affordable for small and medium sized businesses, tax consultants, accounting practices and individual tax payers and provides complete in-built help systems and optional telephone support and training.

Andica Payroll & Self Assessment Tax Returns software benefits and features
CT600 Corporation Tax Returns Software 2016 accounting periods up to 31 March 2017
Payroll Software 2016-2017 With Auto Enrolment

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Andica Self Assessment Software meets Inland Revenue standard
Andica SA100 software has been successfully tested with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to file the tax returns online.

Andica Partnership tax returns software is recognised by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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