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HMRC Digital Transaction Engine replaces Government Gateway

HMRC have been working on a project to migrate existing Government Gateway Transaction Engine to a replicated service on the HMRC Digital Transaction Engine Platform.

HMRC used Government Gateway online services for interaction and submission of all types of tax returns, Self Assessment SA100, SA800, SA900, Corporation tax and Payroll RTI

The new Digital Transaction Engine has been live since 13th October 2017.

On 14 February 2018 all message classes will be suspended in the existing Government Gateway and HMRC will switch this service off. HMRC will thereafter fully migrate to the new Digital Transaction Engine.

Addendum as at 27 February 2018:
HMRC servers are returning random error messages when submitting returns using unpatched software. Examples of messages relayed by HMRC include: 'Gateway Authentication Failure', 'Correlation ID is missing', 'Cannot import a null node', etc.

We at Andica have migrated all of our current software to work with the new Digital Transaction Engine. Software will continue as normal and customers will not notice any difference in the way the submission works.

Customers using older versions of Andica software to submit their returns will get error messages returned by HMRC server. This can be resolved by installing an update.

Details for individual products affected and patches to update software are provided in the FAQ's:

SA100 software update for HMRC Digital Transaction Engine

SA800 software update for HMRC Digital Transaction Engine

SA900 software update for HMRC Digital Transaction Engine

CT600 software update for HMRC Digital Transaction Engine

In few cases, some technical changes may be necessary if customers are having trouble communicating with the new Digital Transaction Engine. If you are not familiar with this, you should consult your Windows System Engineer for advice.

Firewall and anti-virus may need to be configured to allow the software to communicate through following URL:

Old Windows OS:

Microsoft is no longer updating older versions of Windows Operating Systems. Many organisations such as banks, credit card providers, payment gateway providers, finance institutions and Government departments are blocking online transactions with customers using devices running these old and vulnerable operating system. Customers will no longer be able to use Andica Software on old and unpatched Windows OS such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Disclaimer: Apart from the information already provided above we cannot advice on how to install the software and updates on your computer. We also cannot advise on how you should configure your computer or resolve your computer system issues. Information provided here is given without any obligations and we will not accept any claims or liabilities for any damages as a result of you relying on the information given here, if in doubt you must consult a qualified Windows system engineer.