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Andica Payroll Software is a flexible and cost effective payroll solution for all types of organisations to assist with the calculations PAYE, National Insurance NI Contributions, other Statutory payments and deductions and accurately working out salaries and wages payable to staff.

Processing payroll can be one of the most times consuming tasks for Accounting and Personnel department due to vast amount of payroll legislations and varied methods of calculation of each element that makes up Employees and Directors salaries and wages. Andica payroll software provides features that put you firmly in control of this process.

Whether you are an employer with one employee or an organisation with large number of employees, we have a solution for you. The software is supplied with various employee bands - 10, 25, 50, 100 and Unlimited - providing an easy upgrade from one band to the next.

Andica Payroll Software is easy to use, it allows you to define type of 'Payment' of salaries and wages and non statutory 'Deductions' to suit your business needs while the payroll package takes care of the statutory calculations.

Andica Payroll provides a range of standard reports, payslips and payroll analysis. Employee data can be instantly viewed on screen or reproduced in simple, easy-to-follow reports.

The software has been accredited by HMRC after going through rigorous Inland Revenue Quality Standards for payroll software and electronic filing of year end tax returns - P35 and P14/P60 - using File By Internet process via the Government Gateway. The Inland Revenue's Payroll Standard helps employers identify payroll programs with the essential features necessary to calculate PAYE software, National Insurance Contributions, Statutory Payments - Sick Pay, Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, students loan deductions and perform a range of other functions.

Software features include:

User Defined Payments, Deductions, Loans & Advances - set unlimited 'Payments', 'Deductions', 'Loans & Advances' and tax treatment for each item. Once set and linked to employee records, it enables easy and speedy payroll processing.

Multiple pay frequencies - Provides an option to setup an employee with either Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly or Monthly pay frequency payroll.

Payroll Processing - Simply select the employees to be processed and enter details or accept the standard payments and deduction preset for each employee, Andica Payroll will automatically work out tax calculations and other payments and deductions.

Statutory Payments and Deductions - Calculations of statutory sick pay SSP, statutory maternity pay SMP, statutory paternity pay SPP, statutory adoption pay SAP, attachment of earning orders AEO's, deduction of court orders, students loan are automated.

Access to Payroll function - All payroll processing functions are accessed from a clearly defined software toolbar or menu structure. If you make a mistake during the payroll process, then simply go back to the payroll process and enter correct details for a particular employee and the payroll values will be recalculated with a few clicks.

Easy to Use - Designed with business owner managers, payroll departments and other non-IT users in mind and comes with an easy to navigate and intuitive windows interface. Employee’s details are stored on a central screen with a series of tabs making it very easy to find information. Payroll processing activities can be accessed using icons on vertical and horizontal toolbars and drop down menus allowing processes to be completed quickly and easily.

Scalable - Supports 1 to unlimited employees. The software can be purchased for a suitable number of employee bands. As your business grows you can upgrade the number of employees without the need to reinstall the software or re-key existing employee's data.

Reports - Supplied with a range of reports already built in and grouped by activities. Payroll reports include payslips, employee’s payroll analysis, statutory payments (SSP, SMP, SPP and SAP), period-end payroll summaries, year end summaries. Prints all of the standard Inland Revenue reports as well including P32, P45, P35 (cs), P14 and P60.

Quick Payroll Calculations - provides a feature to quickly calculate an employee’s tax.

Pension Calculations - Create unlimited pension schemes linked to most standard contracted-out pension categories such as COMP, COSR and stakeholder pension. Details of schemes including employers and employees contributions as a percentage or fixed value can be set and the schemes linked to the employees allowing regular automatic calculations and deductions.

Online Filing - a File By Internet feature to enable you to securely submit returns electronically to Inland Revenue via the Government Gateway.

Security - provides extensive security features for user rights.

Multiple Company/Employers - Andica Payroll provides an optional Multi Company/Employer feature that can be enabled by purchasing additional licences for each employer you set up.

Global Changes - Universally amend payroll details such as tax codes, NI categories, Payment and Deduction setting flags, employee records and much more.

Reverse Process - Used to open a 'closed period' for an employee or a range of employees and clear payroll values for those employees allowing users to reprocess payroll for employees in the event of an error.

Import and Export - Provides ability to import employee records and employee's payment units and rates and export employee details to and from Comma separated value (CSV) files.

Net to Gross - enter net earning and work back the gross pay by adding back taxes.


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