SA902 Trust and Estate Partnership

You must fill in the SA902 Trust and Estate Partnership form if at any time during the tax year the trust or estate traded with someone else and was entitled to a share of profits, losses or income from a business that it carried on in partnership.

You will need to fill separate SA902 forms for each partnership of which the trust or estate was a member and for each business the partnership carried on.

Trust and Estate Partnership form SA902 can be activated within the software if you have ticked the 'Yes' box in Q2 of Step 2 of the SA900 Trust and Estate Tax Return. HMRC guidance notes on SA902 provide further information in assisting you with the completion of Partnership income form.

Partnership Tax Return

As a trustee or personal representative, you are jointly responsible with your business partners, for making a Partnership Tax Return for relevant tax years. Andica SA800 Partnership software can be used to prepare the tax returns for the partnership business. The partnership software produces a Partnership Statement which is a summary of the share of profits, losses or income allocated to the trust or estate during any period for which it was a member of the partnership. You should use the information in that statement to complete the Trust and Estate Partnership Pages.