SA903 Trust and Estate UK Property

You may need to fill in the SA903 Trust and Estate UK Property form if at any time during the tax year the trust or estate received income from land and property or furnished holiday lettings held in the UK.

The Trust and Estate UK Property form apply both to rental businesses with numerous properties and to trusts or estates with one property to rent.

Complete UK Property form if the trust or estate has:

  • Rental income and other receipts from land and property in the UK
  • Chargeable premiums arising from leases of land in the UK
  • Furnished holiday lettings in the UK
  • A reverse premium.

Do not include income from land or property overseas.
Instead, you should complete SA904 Trust and Estate Foreign form.

Trust and Estate Partnership form SA903 can be activated within the software if you have ticked the 'Yes' box in Q3 of Step 2 of the SA900 Trust and Estate Tax Return. HMRC guidance notes on SA903 provide further information in assisting you with the completion of UK Property income form.