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File By Internet - Online submission of Tax Returns to HMRC

Online filing is fast and secure method of submitting tax returns to HMRC (formerly Inland Revenue). Andica tax returns software provides an in-built feature to submit tax returns electronically to the HMRC via the Government Gateway using a File By Internet feature.

Andica tax returns software provides a range of functionalities to enable customers to complete the tax returns off-line on the computer and when ready submit them online. Where necessary, Andica tax returns software performs calculations that may be required. Prior to submitting your tax return online to HMRC using the in-built File By Internet feature, your returns are checked for most data validations to enable successful submission of returns. In software such as SA100 self assessment software, values are recalculated automatically and you would also know what tax you owe or are due back right away within the software before submitting the returns.

During the File By Internet process, software sends data to HMRC and displays submission progress. Depending on the size of data, computers and internet speed, submission can be completed in less than a minute. Once your returns have been successfully submitted and accepted by HMRC servers, HMRC usually update your online HMRC account within 24 to 48 hours.

Registering with HMRC for Online Filing

You will need to register with HMRC for Online Filing. You will be provided with a Gateway 'User ID' and then wait to receive an Activation Code or 'PIN' (personal identity number). This is sent to you by the Government Gateway (the central registration service for online government services) through the post and it will be required for you to activate the HMRC online filing service before you are able to submit returns online. Separate registration is required for each type of returns.

You can use this Gateway User ID and password to submit your tax returns online through the relevant Andica tax return software's File by Internet feature.

To register for online filing, you will need to have a tax reference (e.g. Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number), usually printed on the first page of a tax return or some HMRC notifications and either your postcode or National Insurance (NI) number (for personal tax returns). Go to the HMRC web page for registration and select the type of account you want to create.

Further details on HMRC's online filing and procedures for registration can be found on the HMRC Frequently Asked Questions section

Advantages of filing tax returns  online

Some of the benefits of online submissions of tax returns are:

  • The process is secure and information is encrypted using 128-bit encryption and data is transferred directly from your PC to the HMRC systems.
  • Immediate acknowledgement of successful submission is sent by HMRC.
  • Faster repayment if a tax refund is due.
  • The process is faster than filling paper tax return forms and calculating the tax manually.
  • More time to submit your tax returns. Deadline for paper tax forms is 31 October while deadline for online submission is 31 January, 3 months later than paper submissions.
  • If you are on PAYE and want to pay any tax you owe (where this is possible) through your tax code, the deadline for filing online is 30 December instead of 31 October (the paper return deadline).