Andica Self Assessment Web Application Software

A Solution for Individual Tax Returns

Assists you with completion, calculation of Personal tax returns and online submission of the returns.

Andica Self Assessment software is a time saving and cost effective solution with data entry screens that replicate HMRC tax forms therefore simplifying the process of recording tax returns information. Based on data processed, the software will calculate and provide a report showing total tax for the year and amount of tax liability or refund due.

Andica SA100 Self Assessment Cloud Application

A self assessment tax return solution software for use by individual taxpayers, accountants, tax consultants or book-keepers to prepare self assessment tax returns for their clients. The software helps you simplify and manage your tax returns preparation, calculations of tax and online submission of returns to HMRC. The software is available with 1 tax-payer, 5 tax-payers, multiple tax payers returns and optional multi user feature.

If you are an employee claiming expenses and benefits in kind, self-employed, a company director, Lloyd's underwriter, Minister of Religion, partner in a business, trustee, an employee or a pensioner paying higher rate of tax or with more complex tax affairs, you are very likely required to complete HMRC Self Assessment tax return forms SA100, calculate taxes due and file the returns on time. Depending on the type of income, you may also be required to include other supplementary pages with your tax returns, the software includes all supplementary forms as listed on the features page.

Tax is taxing, unless that is you are using Andica Self Assessment tax return software designed to simplify the preparation and completion of tax return forms with wizard style entry forms and tax calculations. Returns can be submitted electronically using the File by Internet feature.

Benefits of Andica Cloud software

  • Easy to Use
  • Wizard style data entry screen
  • Emulates HMRC self assessment tax return forms with clear and concise information
  • On-screen preview of self assessment tax return reports and tax calculation summary.
  • Status indicating progress of forms completed
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Easy to retrieve and view data on screen
  • Prompts and warnings to ensure accurate data entry and processing
  • Ensures you are adhering to legislation
  • Saves time and money
  • Low cost tool to input and produce self assessment returns
  • Performs tax calculations with a couple of clicks
  • Prints self assessment tax return reports for your records
  • Password protection
  • Submit returns online using an in-built File By Internet feature where data is securely submitted to HMRC via the Government Gateway.
  • Get refunds of any overpaid tax quicker by using the File By Internet
  • Contains the most commonly used tax forms - as listed in the Features list.
 Benefits to clients