Andica Corporation Tax Returns Software

Tax Return Forms

Andica CT600 Corporation Tax software supports the HM Customs & Excise HMRC (formerly Inland Revenue) Corporation tax return forms CT600 Short and Full in version 2 and CT600 Full in version 3 with the most common supplementary forms you might need dependent on your circumstances.

HMRC's CT600 (2008) Version 2 forms are for accounting periods ending on or after 1 July 1999 and up to 31 March 2015.
HMRC's CT600 (2022) Version 3 forms are for accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2015.

In all, Andica Corporation Tax software provides the following forms:

  • CT600   –Company Tax Return form (Short and Full in version 2 and Full in version 3)
  • CT600A Loans to participators by close companies
  • CT600B Controlled foreign companies (and Bank Levy)
  • CT600C Group and consortium
  • CT600D Insurance
  • CT600E Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs)
  • CT600F Tonnage Tax
  • CT600G (2006)Corporate Venturing Scheme (version 2 only)
  • CT600G (2018)Northern Ireland (Not currently included, May be introduced later by HMRC)
  • CT600HCross-border Royalties
  • CT600I Supplementary charge in respect of ring fence trades
  • CT600J Disclosure of tax avoidance schemes
  • CT600K Restitution Tax (Introduced from 01/04/2017)
  • CT600L Research and Development
  • CT600M Freeports
  • CT600N Residential Property Developer Tax

Online submission

You can complete and submit your tax return electronically to the HMRC via the Government Gateway using the File By Internet feature. You will need a prior registration with the HMRC who will provide you with a Gateway User ID and Password.

Tax Calculations

Tax calculations are performed automatically based on the Accounting Period for the returns and data entered in CT600 form.


The software provides reports for CT600 Corporation Tax return that can be printed for your records. If you are a tax adviser, you can use the reports to obtain your clients signature. Software also produces an iXBRL accounts and computations report based on the built-in structure. Paper reports cannot be submitted to the HMRC to file the tax returns.

iXBRL Accounts and Computations

The software is iXBRL ready and contains two features for attaching and submitting iXBRL accounts and computations to HMRC (not Companies House):

  • The software provides a feature to enable customers to attach accounts and computations that are already tagged in valid iXBRL format created through third party final accounts production software or using any third party iXBRL tagging facilities. This will be necessary if you are using an extensive or extended set of accounts and computations or you want to specify your own layout/structure of reporting for accounts and computation. You should also use this option if you want to report accounts using Micro Entity tagging.

  • For customers with simple accounts and computations, software provides a free template to record accounts and computation data in a set predefined structure that it converts and submits data in iXBRL format along with the CT600 returns. The iXBRL accounts and computation attachment sections of the software are provided for iXBRL presentation purpose only, no accounting or tax computations are done in this section.

    This basic feature only provides some of the accounts and computation fields hence it may not be suitable for businesses that want to report an extensive or extended set of accounts and computations.

    The free accounts template provided within the software contains limited pre-defined fields, declaration and notes required and acceptable by HMRC using some of the FRS 102 standards iXBRL tags. It does not contain all the FRS 102 tagging. This is the only one template included. The software does not include Micro Entity accounts covered under FRS 105. Customers may be able to use FRS102 fields to provide accounts information. It is up to you which relevant data you provide in this pre-defined accounts template.

    Note: The free inbuilt 'Accounts' and 'Computations' templates are for a small trading business and in line with FRS 102.

    The software is not a final accounts production or a book-keeping software. There are several companies that provide iXBRL conversion service at a price, we have included a free basic iXBRL template within the software for use as-is. We do not provide free technical support for this complex taxonomy (tagging) requirement.

CT600 forms suitable for most common entities that are required to submit Corporation Tax returns, including:

  • UK trading or professional service companies
  • Unit trust or open-ended investment companies
  • Close investment-holding companies
  • Company in liquidation
  • Investment trust with housing investment profits
  • Insurance companies
  • Members’ club or voluntary association
  • Property management companies
  • Charity or owned by a charity
  • Real Estate Investment Trust C
  • Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) registered as UK Limited companies