Andica MTD VAT Software Benefits

Benefits of Andica MTD VAT software are:

  • Customers can continue to use their Excel spreadsheet, with only minimal modifications if necessary, for as long as HMRC permit this for digital record keeping.
  • Compliance with Making Tax Digital legislation.
  • Link your VAT transactions Excel spreadsheet and drag and drop mapping of VAT 9-Box fields.
  • Easy to use. Simple process to complete MTD VAT functions of authorisation, retrieval and submission of VAT data.
  • Integration with HMRC's MTD VAT API (Application programing interface).
  • Secure online submission and retrieval of MTD VAT data between your computer and HMRC.*1
  • Data security and GDPR – your data is stored on your computer system, no VAT data is held on our server and does not pass through our servers.*1
  • Incorporates all HMRC MTD VAT API end points as listed in the Features list.
  • Manage multiple VAT periods for the business.
  • Multiple VAT registered businesses or clients can be handled within the software (subject to software license).
  • On-screen preview of VAT return prior to submission.
  • Viewing and printing of reports and VAT100 form style information.
  • Easy to retrieve and view data on screen.
  • Password protection – you can setup access rights into the software.


  • Can set user name and password to access the software.
  • Security access rights to functions.
  • Backup and restore facilities.

*1 We cannot provide any guarantee as the security also relies on security and safety of customer's computer and internet which is beyond our control.