Andica MTD VAT Software Features

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Integration

The software provides a feature to link with your VAT transaction Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to extract VAT 9 box values from Excel spreadsheet.

Drag and Drop mapping of VAT fields

Upon linking the software with VAT transaction spreadsheet, you can map software VAT fields with your VAT values in spreadsheet by simply dragging and dropping. Values will be populated in boxes 1 to 9 of VAT100 form ready to be sent digitally to HMRC.

Digital Authorisation for MTD VAT - Making Tax Digital for VAT

Software provides a process for an agent to digitally obtain authorisation from HMRC to deal with client's VAT submissions. This process also includes facility to authorise Andica MTD VAT software to retrieve and submit VAT data for a VAT registered business.

Retrieve VAT Periods (VAT obligations)

Software can retrieve the current and future VAT returns obligation periods since signing up to MTD. HMRC will provide the next VAT returns obligation and not any future obligations beyond that. A new obligation will be created by HMRC once the previous obligation has passed, whether that obligation has been fulfilled or not.

Online submission and retrieval of MTD VAT values

You can submit your VAT 9 box values digitally to the HMRC using your HMRC login credentials. You will need a prior registration with the HMRC who will provide you with the login credential (such as Gateway User ID and Password).

Submit VAT return for period

The software provides a feature to digitally submit VAT Returns to HMRC. You can view and print the VAT100 style report before submitting.

View VAT Return

Retrieve and view details of VAT returns submitted to HMRC since signing up to MTD VAT.

Retrieve VAT liabilities

Once VAT Return is submitted through MTD, details of VAT liabilities can be retrieved within the software. Software will retrieve VAT liabilities information that HMRC have made available.

Retrieve VAT payments

Retrieve details of VAT penalties incurred for late submissions of VAT Returns and late payments of VAT due.

Retrieve VAT penalties

Retrieve details of payment made against a VAT return period. Software will retrieve VAT payments details that are made available by HMRC.


The software provides a range of reports that can be printed for your records. VAT100 style report can be printed for your records.