Expenses and Benefits Returns End-of-Year and In-year submissions

Andica P11D Benefits

Transaction entry

  • Record Employees expenses and benefits transactions during the year as they happen
  • Record single entry with total values for each P11D section
  • Saves time: Produce report and forms based on transactions already entered
  • Returns are updated as soon as transaction has been recorded

Includes P11D, P11D(b) and P46 (Car)

  • Record and submit end-of-year expenses and benefits returns P11D and P11D(b)
  • Record and submit P46(Car) details in-year

Online submission of returns

  • Securely submit returns online
  • Submission confirmation provided immediately on successful submission
  • More secure than submitting paper returns

Improve efficiency

  • Set employee details once and reuse data in the new tax year
  • Returns are ready for online submission once transactions have been processed
  • Data validated for accuracy against HMRC Expenses and Benefits Business Rules
  • Employees tax codes updated quicker by HMRC

P11D Sections and Items

  • Predefine Expenses and Benefits sections at Company level to assign these to new employees
  • Select expenses and benefits sections specific for individual employees

Meets the current legislations

  • Recognised by HMRC for online submission of returns
  • Software supports current tax year legislations
  • Class 1A National insurance calculations on benefits
  • Company Car benefits
  • Company Car fuel benefit