P11D, P11D(b) End-of-Year Returns and P46 Car In-year submissions

Andica P11D Features

Andica P11D Software provides features to record employee's expenses and benefits, complete P11D and P11D(b) end-of-year returns and complete P46(Car) to report any change that affects an employee's car benefits. Software is designed to submit returns online to HMRC.

Employees Expenses and Benefits transaction entries

P11D Software can be used to record expenses and benefits transactions required for P11D returns either by processing detailed transactions or by entering a single transaction with total value for each type of item leading to completion of the P11D returns.

Report details of Company Cars

P11D Software can be used to submit form P46(Car) to inform HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) when a car has been provided or withdrawn for an employee's private use.

Expenses and Benefits Forms

The software supports HM Revenue & Customs P11D expenses and benefit forms. Andica P11D software includes following forms:

  • P11D
  • P11Db (for submission with P11D)
  • P46Car
P11D includes the following sections:
  • Section A   Assets transferred (cars, property, goods or other assets)
  • Section B   Payments made on behalf of the employee
  • Section C   Vouchers and credit cards
  • Section D   Living accommodation
  • Section E   Mileage allowance payments/passenger payments
  • Section F   Cars and car fuel
  • Section G   Vans and van fuel
  • Section H   Interest free low interest and notional loans
  • Section I     Private medical treatment or insurance
  • Section J   Qualifying relocation expenses payments and benefits
  • Section K   Services supplied
  • Section L    Assets placed at the employee's disposal
  • Section M   Employer provided childcare
  • Section N   Expenses payments made to, or on behalf of, the director or employee

Online submission

Andica P11D software provides feature to submit expenses and benefits return electronically to the HMRC via the Government Gateway using a File By Internet feature. Gateway User ID and Gateway Password used for submission of PAYE Real Time Information (RTI returns) can be used to submit Employee's Expenses and Benefits returns. Prior registration with the HMRC may be required.


The software provides reports for P11D return that can be printed for your records. If you are a tax adviser, you can use the reports to obtain your clients signature. Reports cannot be submitted to the HMRC to file the P11D returns. The software is designed for submission of returns online to HMRC. A range of transactions reports are also provided.


Andica P11D Software supports 1 to unlimited employees. The software can be purchased for a suitable number of employee bands. As your business grows you can upgrade the number of employees without the need to reinstall the software or re-keying existing employee's data.

Multiple Companies and Departments

Software supports multiple companies and departments.