SA800 Partnership Tax Return forms

The SA800 Partnership Tax Return form asks for details of the partnership's income and related information. HMRC may send an SA800 form or a 'Notice to complete a Tax Return' to a 'Nominated Partner' of the self employed tax payers who are operating a business in partnership and have registered as such. HMRC may also send an SA850 Guide "How to fill in the Partnership Tax Return" to help you fill the SA800 form.

Andica SA800 Partnership Software provides features to complete and submit SA800 and other supplementary forms. Unlike the HMRC paper forms where you have to write down and manually provide all the correct calculations, the software automates most of the data entry, calculation, data validations and automatically updates the Partnership statement.

Everyone starting out on their own needs to register with HM Revenue & Customs. You must do this as soon as you start or within the first three months, even if you already use a SA100 Self Assessment tax return and supplementary forms. There are penalties for not registering.

Every partnership (business) gets the first eight pages of the Partnership Tax Return SA800 covering income from trades and professions and interest or alternative finance receipts with tax deducted from banks, building societies or deposit takers. There are other 'supplementary' pages covering the less common types of income and disposals of chargeable assets.

Andica SA800 Partnership Tax Returns Software provides features for completion of the business tax return and includes forms listed below.

The Self Assessment software also provides a feature to submit your returns online using the built-in file by internet feature.