SA900 Trust and Estate Tax Return Forms

HMRC Trust and Estate Tax Return ask for details of income and capital gains. Along with the SA900 Form or a notice to complete the Trust and Estate tax returns, HM Revenue and Customs may send two guides, SA950 Trust and Estate Tax Return guide will explain how to fill in the Trust and Estate Tax Return to help you fill in the Tax Return, and SA951 Trust and Estate Tax Calculation guide to help you calculate the Trust or Estate's tax bill, if you want to.

All trustees and personal representatives need to submit the first 12 pages of the Tax Return SA900 filling in the sections that are relevant to the circumstances of the Trust or Estate. There are other 'supplementary' forms for some types of income and gains. For example, there are Forms for trade income and for foreign income. HMRC may send some supplementary form if they think, based on the information the already have, that you may need them.

Andica SA900 Trust and Estate Software provide features to complete and submit SA900 and other supplementary forms. Unlike the HMRC paper forms where you have to write down and manually provide all the correct calculations, the software automates most of calculated fields on data entry and also validates data where possible. On completion of the data entry, the software performs tax calculations and provides a tax calculation report.

Andica SA900 Trust and Estate Tax Returns Software include the following forms which can be activated by selecting the appropriate Tick box options within the software.

Andica SA900 Trust & Estate Tax Returns Software provides features for completion of the business tax return and includes forms listed below.

The Self Assessment software also provides a feature to submit your returns online using the built-in file by internet feature.